To infinity and . . . . .er . . . .to MARS!



WHO: District 51 Educators (5th – 9th), and Western Slope M.E.S.A. Advisors STEM Core Team – District 51, 4H STEM Cohort

WHAT: Educator Training and Planning for “Year of Space” –> 2014-2015
WHERE: John McConnell Math and Science Center
WHEN: Early November 2013

GOAL A (short term): Train educators in hands-on activities to ignite excitement for teaching space science!
GOAL B (long term): Plan for the “Year of Space” activities for 2014-2015 school year.

1. Why study space.
2. Scientific Connections
3. Experiment Time
4. Future Space Studies!!
5. Planning for Year of Space!

Activities for Teacher Workshop
1. Why study space? – Francine Cube
A. Cube activity.

B. why do you like studying space

2. Making Connections- themes of science
A. Patterns, Change, Energy.
I. Matching analogs from Earth/Mars


3. Activities:
A. Sun- Earth Energy Connection: where does energy all come from?
I. Living with a star #4: UV experiments. Where our energy comes from?
II. Living with a star #2: Electromagnetic Spectrum. Different forms of Energy.


B. Is the sun’s energy the same everywhere? How do we know?
I. Solar Pizza. Sample handout
II. Solar System Human Orrey p. 45 Living with a Star.


C. Planetary Magnetism and Dynamos!
I. Magnets 101: drawing the poles
II. Mars has changed! What does that mean. . . Goldilocks Activity. (Project Spectra)
III Living with a Star #3: Earth’s Magnetosphere
III. Create Mars Magnetism. . . Create the set-up to simulate Mars’ magnetic state.



4. Future Space Study Fun:
I. What are the future endeavors? – MAVEN details and launch excitement!!!
II. How to implement this in your classroom- presentations.


5. Planning for “Year of Space“. – Webinar and future meetings with Colorado Mesa University Credit offered!

“Year of Science” Goal Activities:
1. Space-themed student competitions
2. Planetarium- get the mobile one!
3. Astronomy Viewing nights
4. Guest Speakers (Cassini-Huygens guy, Shades of Blue– fly to GJ)
5. Field Trips (university tours, Space Science Weather Center, NOAA, LASP,)
6. FUN Continuing Education for Advisors group.
7. Networking with STEM network at Math and Science Center.

FOr USE with kids!

You will be researching the MAVEN Mission to Mars today in class. The MAVEN mission is arriving at Mars on Sunday night.  Now time for some MAVEN research!

1. Visit the following 4 websites to find the information for tasks A, B, C, D, E.

Website  1:  LASP HOMEPAGE

Website 2: MAVEN homepage

Website 3:  Mission timeline

Website 4:  MAVEN structure

2. Write all answers in your science notebook.  You will need 2 clean pages and some colored pencils.

Task A: In a paragraph (at least 5 sentences), describe the purpose of the MAVEN mission.

Task 2: Draw a timeline of the journey that MAVEN has made since liftoff in November 2013.

Task 3: draw a picture of MAVEN and label the parts and what they do.  Color your drawing.

Task 4: list 7-8 examples of pushes or pulls (forces) that MAVEN encountered from liftoff until the Insertion into the Martian atmosphere this weekend!

Task 5: Calculate the overall average speed of MAVEN since last November until now. and calculate MAVEN’S speed at any other time during its journey.  Remember the correct units.

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